TSS MDL Text Manipulation Tools

The following is a list with brief description of MDL tools from TUKAY ASSOCIATES:

TSSCHGTX.MA TSS CHanGe TeXt processor

An extension of MicroStation's routine where text strings in the active DGN file can be batch changed based on an ASCII file substitution table definitions.

TSSEDIT.MA TSS ascii file text EDITor

A simple ASCII text file editor. This application duplicates MicroStation's "edit text" dialog box functionality, i.e., Cut, Paste, etc.


A utility program designed to operate on text elements only using fences. The following utilities are incorporated: Fence rotate text (about origin), scale by active scale, change text size, change justification, change font, convert lower case to CAPS, delete text, change text symbology (lv, wt, co, lc), and FLUSH text. Flush text utility component is used to align all fenced text elements flush to a user defined view's Y ordinate.

TSSTXSYM.MA TSS change TeXt SYMbology

An application designed to change the symbology (LV, WT, CO, LC) of any text-string element in the active design file based on criteria defined in an ASCII parameter file. A typical application is to isolate and change all Storm Sewer text calls to specific level, weight, color and line-code.


A utility program designed to provide the user the capability to export any text-element within a DGN file to an ASCII output file.

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