TSS MDL Miscellaneous Tools

The following is a list with brief description of MDL tools from TUKAY ASSOCIATES:

TSSASTOF.MA TSS Automatic STation and OFfset annotation

An application designed to calculate the Station and Offset of any valid DGN file element relative to a user selectable and defined baseline element. User has the option to identify which element type to annotate with Station and Offset text.


An application designed to facilitate the task of incorporating geotechnical/ environmental boring logs into P&Ps or boring log profile exhibits


A group of utilities used to implement cell fence manipulations such as scale, rotate, rename and replace. The rename and replace routines allow for replacement with same or with an alternate cell.


Fence utility routines allowing operator to place circle fence, create fence from an existing shape element, and create shape element from active fence boundaries.

TSSPMAN.MA TSS Project documentation MANager

A utility program designed to generate an ASCII listing for the current DGN file showing views' settings (levels on/off) for the file and the attached reference files. In addition, the reference file(s) listing contains the reference file name (full path), logical name, description, Display/Snap/Locate status, and attachment scale. The listing may be saved to a file or printed for the purpose of file management and documentation.

TSSPSTEL.MA TSS Profile STation ELevation

A utility program designed to generate elevations at user defined stations or at a constant increment with the capability of placing station/elevation text in the active file or saving it to an ASCII file for use in other programs. A typical application would be to generate elevations at given roadway stations from a representation of a floodplain.

TSSSOKIN.MA TSS Station Offset Key IN

A utility program designed to implement SO= (Station, Offset) key-in in MicroStation command window (similar to DX=, DL=, and DI=) based on a user selected alignment (baseline) element.

TSSSTADS.MA TSS STAtion DiScharge semi-log graph

An application designed to facilitate generation of semi-log STATION VS. DISCHARGE (Outfall) graphs commonly used in Hydraulic/Hydrology (HEC-1 & HEC-2) studies. In addition to graph generation, the user is able to annotate, query, and interpolate data from graph.


An application to establish Station Equation between two alignment (baseline) elements with the option of placing results in active file or save to an ASCII file for further processing

TSSXSUTL.MA TSS cross(X) Section UTiLities

An application designed to place utilities (Boxes, Ellipses, Cells) in cross section sheets based on an ASCII definition file entries that specify the cross section station, utility line's offset from a baseline, type of utility (Box sewer, Circular pipe sewer, etc...), and size (Span and Rise).

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