TSS MDL Drawings Development Tools

Following is a list with brief description of MDL tools from TUKAY ASSOCIATES:


An application designed to place text string calls for any cells contained within a fence (active or reference file) at the current cell origin based on an ASCII file parameter table. Alternately, operator has the option to place cells containing any valid MS elements. A typical application of the later is placement of cell with Manhole Rim, Invert elevation edit fields to be filled by operator.


An application designed to facilitate the location of survey points in a DGN file. The program will locate and window (zoom) in on the specified point number in the current active view or any open view, as specified by user. This program operates on any text string within the DGN file and may be used to find any text occurrence or multiple occurrences of the specified text string.

TSSIMPRT.MA TSS plan, profile & xsection IMPoRT utility

A program designed to import line-string elements into the design file from an ASCII input file (user generated or alternately TSSPRFL generated). This program works with conjunction with TSSPRFL and is used mostly for generating (importing) design file (P&P) profile elements such as profiles for North & South ROW, existing curb lines, existing ditches' flowline, centerline of pavement, etc.

TSSLINWK.MA TSS planimetric survey LINeWorK connector

An application designed to expedite line-work generation (connect-da-dot). Survey points with common feature descriptor are automatically or interactivelly connected based on a user defined ASCII file parameter table that lists the feature name and the relevant drawing symbology settings. The user has the option of either using field shot sequence or forcing an over-ride in the X or Y direction. Features may be connected in 2-D or 3-D file format with the 3-D providing the capability to export linear elements for profile generation purposes.

TSSPRFL.MA TSS PRoFiLe generator

An application designed to extract 3-D linear elements (Curb Lines, CL Road, etc..) based on a user selected baseline alignment for the purpose of generating profile elements in a Plan & Profile sheet.


An extension of TSSCLCAL application which is designed to place text-string calls for any cell contained within a fence (in the active or reference file) at the current cell origin or radial to a selected alignment element based on an ASCII file parameter table. In lieu of text-string, the operator has the option to place cells containing any valid MS elements.


An application designed to automate placement of stationing tickmarks and text along baseline alignment element. User can select from three pre-defined stationing text formats and two pre-defined text orientations (tangent and perpendicular). Stationing interval is user defined in addition to text and tickmark symbology and settings.

TSSSTOF.MA TSS STation and OFfset

An application designed to calculate the Station and Offset of any point in the design file relative to a user selectable baseline element. User has the option of placing leadered or non-leadered Sta., Offset text in the active file.

TSSSURVY.MA TSS field SURVeY data import

An application designed for import of survey data into a 2-D or 3-D design file based on survey ASCII data files. The format of the input is user definable where active symbol (survey shot), point ID, point elevation and description can be placed with specific symbology. Operator has the option to import cell as defined in the description field associated with the field shot.

TSSXSUTL.MA TSS cross(X) Section UTiLities

An application designed to place utilities (Boxes, Ellipses, Cells) in cross section sheets based on an ASCII definition file entries that specify the cross section station, utility line's offset from a baseline, type of utility (Box sewer, Circular pipe sewer, etc...), and size (Span and Rise).

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