TSS Engineering Tools

Tukay Associates' Engineering Tools are a collection of engineering applications, programs, spreadsheets that were developed though 10+ years of engineering practice. These tools were instrumental in advancing the automation process of project design and analysis.

The following is a brief list and description of TSS engineered tools for the fellow Engineers and enthusiasts. Some of the application are quite outdated but some of us still find them useful.

TSSJ3TAB.EXE_________TSS J3 TABle generator is a DOS based application program that is used to selectively extract any of HEC-2's output variable for chosen profile run(s) outside of HEC-2 environment using TAPE95 output file.

TSSGRFMT.EXE________TSS GR data ForMaTer is a DOS based application that is used to format two-column Elevation/Station GR data exported from spreadsheets (for easier datum adjustment, interpolation, insertion, and manipulation) into HEC-2 GR-card format.

TSSHC2GR.EXE________ TSS HeC-2 GR data extractor is a DOS based program that is used in combination with other programs to extract HEC-2 channel cross section data for further processing, such as high-end CAD plotting, volumetrics, and manipulation.

TSSHC2XS.EXE________TSS HeC-2 Xross Section plotting is a DOS based application used in combination with TSSIMPRT MDL application for Floodplain and Floodway CAD planemetric delineation.

TSSFLDWY.EXE_______TSS hec-2 FLooDWaY delineation estimator package is a group of DOS based applications designed to facilitate the laborious and sometimes maddening (that is no joke. If you have done one, you would know what we are talking about) process of conduction HEC-2 FLOODWAY Analysis and Delineation. This is a ambitious attempt at automating the convergence through iteration to the desired solution using an in-house developed algorithm for forward/ backward iterative adjustment.

TSSKYPXT.EXE______TSS KY-Pipe data eXTractor is a DOS based application designed to give the user the flexibility to extract specific and selective data-set segments from KY-PIPE output for further evaluation and analysis, such as TANK DATA for Extended Period Simulations (save the TREES).

TSSCUTFL.EXE_____TSS CUT and FilL volumetrics calculator is a DOS based application designed to work in conjunction with exiting and proposed cross-section data sets to calculate Cut&Fill volumes using Average-End-Area method.

TSSCHGTX.EXE____TSS CHanGe TeXt is a DOS program designed to batch process desired text changes in an ASCII input file based on a parameter file table listing entries for change From:OldText | To:NewText

TSSUPCSE.EXE_____TSS Upper CaSE is a DOS based application to convert all of text in an ASCII file to UPPER CASE.

TSSXCODE.EXE____TSS eXtract feature CODEs is a DOS application designed to extract to an output file generated list of all feature code data from a typical survey/data collector ASCII data file.

TSSXTRCT.EXE____TSS eXTRaCT text is a DOS application designed to provide the user the ability to extract to file any ASCII line from an input file based on user provided parameter file. A typical application would be to extract all Point#,Northing, Easting, Elevation information for any given feature code, such as "Power Pole."

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